“This Might Work” is Really Damn Big.

This Might Work is really big.

“This Might Work” next to normal sized “The War of Art.”.

Seth Godin sent out all of the rewards for his kickstarter campaign. Mine was This Might Work, a collection of Seth’s best blog posts from the last six years. He describes it as “the behemoth.”

Holy crap is he right. It is easily the biggest book in my collection and close to the biggest I’ve seen.

It’s gonna take some time to read it.

Unfortunately, it isn’t available in stores and you missed the opportunity to grab it. But, you can get Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?, the much smaller, more condensed version; V is for Vulnerable, a children’s book illustrated by Hugh MacLeod; and/or The Icarus Deception all available for preorder from Amazon (they’ll be released December 27th).

If that’s too much, check out his blog. Free advice every day from the master of remarkability.


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