My first Art show.

TheArt of Design, Student artshow.

design by AJ Virgil

I have gotten together with some real impresarios, the board of the Student Chapter of the Colorado Springs American Advertising Federation. My friends AJ, Tanya, BoB and especially Tammy, have worked our asses off for the past few weeks to bring our student art show, The Art of Design, to the public.

On Friday, December 14th at 6pm, the show opens and stays open until January 31st.

We’ve gathered student work together to showcase the sea of talent from Colorado Springs.

I am very excited to show some of my photography from the past year. The pieces, taken in Colorado Springs, New York and Hawaii, show larger than life beauty, small moments captured in time, and some of the little adventures we forget to witness as we go about life.

Please swing by the Tim Gill Center for Public Media (315 E. Costilla St. Colorado Springs, CO 80903) during business hours between December 14th and January 31st to sign our guest book and experience incredible design and photography.

We would love to see you at the opening, Friday, December 14th at 6pm! Please join the conversation on our Facebook page here.


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